In October 2020, it became known about the project PARiS (Porsche Augmented Reality in Service), which is implemented in the company Porsche together with Siemens. The initiative involves the use of augmented reality (AR) for after-sales service cars.

The first AR-solution for the workshop Porsche is created on the basis of Siemens Teamcenter, which is used for visualization and collaborative work with 3D-model. At the beginning of the repair in augmented reality will be implemented for the electric car Porsche Taycan.

As noted by the German car manufacturer, automotive technology is constantly being improved, and digitalization can increase the number of functions. As a result, car owners have more and more options to configure, but this, in turn, makes repair and maintenance more difficult. Thanks to PARiS solution, this set of technologies is visualized in virtual environment and becomes interactive. This is a kind of “X-ray” for the car, allowing specialists to see its “stuffing”. For example, masters will be able to inspect the charging system, battery, electric car, cable connections inside the car without looking under the hood, explained in Porsche.

Our motto is “a picture is better than a thousand words,” explains Mark Robl, PARiS Project Manager and Head of Product Identification and Information for the Porsche Aftermarket Division. – We want to show our colleagues what they need to repair, using 3D animation, without forcing them to read huge repair instructions, because car technologies have become so complex that they are not always convenient and can not always be described only in text format. Thanks to the PARiS solution for after-sales service, service technicians can simply bring the tablet to the car and it will be automatically recognized by the configuration.