At the end of October 2020 the project of the world’s first construction site, where only robots will work, appeared. Management will be carried out with the help of an open platform for autonomous work, which can be upgraded to take into account the existing park of industrial equipment.

On a global scale, the construction sector is under severe pressure due to labor shortages, rising material costs and market shifts. The pandemic has aggravated the situation and up to 83% of contractors have experienced difficulties in finding qualified workers. Automation began to look like a very attractive solution to this problem.

As a result, SafeAI India and Obayashi Corporation, a Japanese construction company, launched a pilot project to create an autonomous construction site in the USA. To this end, Obayashi Corporation made a strategic investment in SafeAI in April 2020 and planned to launch the pilot project in November 2020. To start with, SafeAI will introduce the Caterpillar 725 autonomous dump truck control system and demonstrate automated loading and unloading cycles. The pilot project will be launched at the construction site in San Francisco, California.

Our work with Obayashi is paving the way for safer and more efficient solutions in the construction industry and reflects Obayashi’s commitment to developing and implementing innovative technologies,” said Bibhrajit Halder, founder and CEO of SafeAI. – There is a need in the industry for stand-alone solutions that will improve the safety and efficiency of construction sites, and as the necessary technologies already exist, we have begun developing an ecosystem specifically for the construction and mining industries.